Business Vulnerability/Risk Assessments

Our assessment seeks to provide critical on-site examination and analysis to identify risks associated with existing conditions and security-related vulnerabilities, determine protections needed, and provide considerations for improvement. The custom security risk assessment includes the following:


  • Environmental Security
  • Physical Security
  • Electronic Security
  • Procedural Security

Custom Home Defense & Emergency Response Planning

Church & School Security & Emergency Response Planning

Our  assessment seeks to identify vulnerabilities and provide recommendations on how best to secure your home and family from intruders. The custom response plans include the following:


  • Security evaluation and risk assessment
  • Intruder Plan & Safe Room Recommendations
  • Recommendations on Storing Valuables
  • Evaluation of Current Alarm System
  • Fire Escape Plan
  • Natural Disaster Plan

In light of recent events, the need for a well-trained security team and safety procedures at our places of worship and school are at an all time high. It is for these reasons that Solid Ground Security Solutions is here to assist you with customized training to fit all your emergency needs. They offer numerous services such as:


  • Security Team Training
  • Armed and Unarmed Security Services
  • Security/Risk Assessments
  • Assistance with Emergency Planning & Staff Training

risk assessment & EMERGENCY PLANNING

Working with Solid Ground has been a wonderful experience. Their professionalism, attention to detail, consistency and responsiveness in all situations have proven to be invaluable assets we rely on daily.

Dr. Jeremy Wallace, Head of school |

Maryville Christian School

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