Security Officer Training

After working with Jason, and Solid Ground Security Solutions for a year now, I can honestly say that I have seen a major difference in the decrease of crime, complaints, and general rift raft on our property. The individuals that work for/with this company are honorable, respectful, and take pride in what they do. Our residents have built relationships with the staff of Solid Ground and have trust in them. I would and do suggest this company to any organization or business that may be in need of their services. They are truly caring, remarkable people.


Unarmed guard training covers orientation, legal powers and limitations of a security guard, emergency procedures, and general duties. Armed guard training includes the topics in the unarmed guard training along with the additional requirements of weapons that are less than lethal, legal limitations of the use of a firearm, handing of a firearm, and safety and maintenance of firearms.


We also certify in the following disciplines:

  • Defensive Baton
  • Chemical Spray
  • Handcuffing
  • Taser/Stun Device
  • In Custody Death/Excited Delirium

Unarmed Guard Training: $60 | Armed Guard Training: $160 | Additional Disciplines: $50 each

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